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Pyros Valle De Pedernal San Juan Malbec 2016 750ml

Pyros Valle De Pedernal San Juan Malbec 2016 750ml

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  • 2016
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DescriptionFresh berries and marmalade meld with soft oak for a balanced, elegant Malbec. The mouthfeel is silky and finishes long.Producer DescriptionIn 2008 Myndert Pon, the founder of Bodegas Salentein, visited the Pedernal Valley in San Juan and was inspired by...
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Fresh berries and marmalade meld with soft oak for a balanced, elegant Malbec. The mouthfeel is silky and finishes long.

Producer Description

In 2008 Myndert Pon, the founder of Bodegas Salentein, visited the Pedernal Valley in San Juan and was inspired by the tremendous beauty, untamed nature and diverse terroir. This inspiration, and his vision to showcase the superlative fruit grown in the Pedernal Valley, led to the creation of Pyros Wines, the first world-class wines collection reflecting the unique terroir of the Pedernal Valley.PYROS is an outstanding collection of unusual and exclusive wines from Argentina. All the grapes for these wines come from the exclusive Pedernal Valley, a deep and isolated canyon located in the amazing foothills of the Andes Mountains in the province of San Juan.As all great wine begins in the vineyard, viticulturalist Gustavo Matocq must lead the way. Matocq is a native son of San Juan, but his career has led him to degrees from both the University of Buenos Aires and the Ecole Nationale Supe9rieure Agronomique de Montpellier, France. A local boy, but one who has an international reputation, and he adds to that each year with articles published in leading journals, as well as a teaching position at the University of Cuyo in Mendoza. It was Matocq's job to explore his native province and find the very best places to grow grapes capable of making world class wines.Matocq is aided by a deeply dedicated farming team at Pyros, headed by farm manager Fernando Javier Atencio. The third generation of his native San Juan family to follow a career in viticulture, Atencio brings both passion and enthusiasm to Pyros. He knows every inch San Juan, and he emphatically champions Pedernal and Pyros. In fact, he is such a fan of the property that he often brings his family there for a picnic on his day off---enjoying the stunning scenery, the fascinating wildlife, and the astonishing silence. And as they enjoy the fire and food of an asado in the evening, the nighttime sky sparkles with a clarity found nowhere else.Who is responsible for making wine with these impressive grapes is the winemaker Paula Gonze1lez. Who with her successful career and extensive experience seeks to continue deepening knowledge of the Pyros Vineyard territory in the Pedernal Valley.Giving added perspective in this quest, winemaker Paul Hobbs of California serves in as a consultant. Hobbs' track record of making amazing wines has taken him to many different parts of the wine globe, and he brings an additional palate and passion to the team that is making Pyros.Pyros vineyard is located the southwest at the Pedernal hill along the west hillside at 1,400 m.a.s.l., in a preferential area in terms of soil, weather and water. It has a total surface area of 350 hectares and 80 hectares out of the total area have been planted with Malbec.As Pyros vineyard has been planted along the Pedernal hill, the soil is calcareous.The soils have a high percentage of pure limestone at the top of the hillside, and as we go down to the bottom of Pedernal Valley, rocks of different sizes and composition appear that, together with other fine-grained soils, contribute to an exceptional soil quality.This soil diversity has a clear influence on the vines, which allows making wines with a variety of profiles within the same style.Besides, due to this unique location, Pyros Vineyard is exposed to a constant breeze coming from the south, which contributes to vine health.




Deep colour, almost opaque.


Aroma of excellent complexity, with wild bush and spicy notes like curry, pepper and ginger, red berries and black fruits mixed with a light cacao touch, the result of a good maturation, along with a slightly stony finish.


On the palate it has a powerful attack, with a lively acidity, firm and well present tannins, wild bush and red berry notes, with an extremely long finish and great concentration.

“Thanks to the characteristics and potential of the vineyards at Quinta do Seixo, it was possible to cut through the strong maturations of this year's harvest. As a result, we produced very balanced and robust wines, with aromatic notes typical of more mature years.” - Luís Sottomayor, head of Sogrape's winemaking


Quinta do Seixo Vintage is a unique expression of this renowned estate, where a combination of soil, slope inclination, sun exposure and reduced amount of available water contribute to the production of intense and complex wines.The 100-year-old vines producing Port create wines full of intensity, character and freshness.



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