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Pomelo California Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Pomelo California Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

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DescriptionBright and vibrant in the glass, our Sauvignon Blanc offers fragrant white blossoms on the nose, framed by a refreshing palate of melon, white peach, lemon curd and ripe citrus.FeaturesGluten-free;Sustainable;VeganProducer DescriptionMason Cellars was founded in Oakville, California in 1993 by...
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Bright and vibrant in the glass, our Sauvignon Blanc offers fragrant white blossoms on the nose, framed by a refreshing palate of melon, white peach, lemon curd and ripe citrus.



Producer Description

Mason Cellars was founded in Oakville, California in 1993 by Randy and Megan Mason. Family-owned and operated to this day, it is their vision to produce the highest quality wine possible, that is consumer friendly, and available to their customers at a fair market price. Their goal is to create wines that can be readily enjoyed and shared by family and friends. With over 40 years of winemaking in the Napa Valley, Randy is the master behind the wine.Randy Mason has long been recognized by the wine industry as being one of the best Sauvignon Blanc producers in the country. A pioneer in California Sauvignon Blanc, the Mason Sauvignon Blanc set the standard for domestic producers to strive for, with their inaugural release (1996) receiving an unprecedented 91 points from Wine Spectator. Building on the success and groundwork laid by the Mason Sauvignon Blanc, Randy and Megan started to develop a Sauvignon Blanc house with the launch of Pomelo in 2004. A fun and playful spin on California Sauvignon Blanc; Pomelo is a wild success among consumers and press alike. To balance out their Sauvignon Blanc collection, the Mason Reserve Sauvignon Blanc is rich, with an expressive style produced from a 40 year old pristine vineyard sitting on a volcanic cinder cone in Sonoma Valley. After listening to his customers and distributors, Mason decided to produce their first ever Pinot Grigio in 2009, called Three Pears as well as return to Merlot production in 2013, with its newest release, 60 North- a lively, expressive wine boisterious in fruit and spice.With the increase in production and expansion into new and exciting brands, the Mason's longed to showcase their wines in a casual atmosphere all their own. In the winter of 2006, they opened the Mason Cellars Oxbow Tasting Room in downtown Napa with complimentary tastings of their entire collection of red and white wines, all made by Randy Mason, set in a cozy country atmosphere featuring local artists' paintings and other wine country mercantile goods.Winemaking Philosophy - Randy MasonWhat distinguishes our wines from others is that we adhere to only making wines that are true to their varietal character. I achieve this trueness and consistency by using the same vines year after year and by spending much time in the vineyard prior to harvesting. I believe in letting the fruit show through the wine, using a minimalist approach avoiding any unnatural or unnecessary enhancements.I consider my winemaking to be California in style. Having spent much time in the vineyards; caring and observing the growing, pruning, trellising and harvesting of the grapes, I firmly believe that the wine is made in the vineyard.Having made wine from the same Sauvignon Blanc vineyards in Yountville for over 2 decades, working closely with the vineyard management team every year, we've honed in the cultural practices to consistently produce perfectly ripe and balanced Sauvignon Blanc. By removing leaves from the eastern exposure, we allow the gentle, morning sun to gradually ripen the grapes; creating those wonderful tropical flavors in the Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes exposed to the warmer, afternoon sun receive far less leafing so as to protect the grapes from being sun burned. It is these grapes that bring the fig and herbaceous flavors that I like to taste in the Sauvignon Blanc.I believe that Yountville, in particular the Blockhouse vineyard just off of the Yountville Hill, is the perfect geographic location, embracing the cooling ocean breeze and fog during the warm growing season; the ideal climate for the development of our Sauvignon Blanc. It is here that I hand select the grapes for our Mason Sauvignon Blanc.Applying this same theory to our other vineyard sources, I continue to work closely with our growers to ensure that the grapes going into Pomelo and Three Pears maintain that perfect balance of mottled light; to give expressive fruit flavors with delicate herbaceous nuances and crisp acids rounding out all of my wines. Pomelo's grapes are sourced primarily from Lake County that has an elevation of nearly 1400 feet with maritime fog blanketing the night time temperatures. As the fog burns off early in the morning, this allows for long, even ripening of the grapes throughout the day. It is these unique growing conditions along with vigilant attention to the grapes that consistently produces the Pomelo profile year after year. Three Pears is sourced in the Delta region, known for very moderate temperatures and afternoon winds. This gradual ripening season allows for subtle fruit expression and great acid retention- the perfect combination for our Three Pears. Our newest release, 60 North finds it home in the Lodi and Sacramento Delta appellations where we work with 4th generation grape growers we know and trust to provide us with Merlot grapes opulent in fruit and approachable in structure.I believe that wine should be available and affordable for all to enjoy. This is why we have created a collection of wines that can please every palate and pocket. I hope that you too will enjoy our wine with friends and family. After all, life is too short not to have a bottle of Mason wines at the dinner table or picnic!




Deep colour, almost opaque.


Aroma of excellent complexity, with wild bush and spicy notes like curry, pepper and ginger, red berries and black fruits mixed with a light cacao touch, the result of a good maturation, along with a slightly stony finish.


On the palate it has a powerful attack, with a lively acidity, firm and well present tannins, wild bush and red berry notes, with an extremely long finish and great concentration.

“Thanks to the characteristics and potential of the vineyards at Quinta do Seixo, it was possible to cut through the strong maturations of this year's harvest. As a result, we produced very balanced and robust wines, with aromatic notes typical of more mature years.” - Luís Sottomayor, head of Sogrape's winemaking


Quinta do Seixo Vintage is a unique expression of this renowned estate, where a combination of soil, slope inclination, sun exposure and reduced amount of available water contribute to the production of intense and complex wines.The 100-year-old vines producing Port create wines full of intensity, character and freshness.



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