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Planeta Menfi Chardonnay 2019 750ml

Planeta Menfi Chardonnay 2019 750ml

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DescriptionSingle-variety Chardonnay whose characteristics which have made it so famous which here emerge very clearly. Starting from the richness of its deep clear golden but transparent colour one imagines the pleasing contrast of creaminess and crispness in the taste. It...
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Single-variety Chardonnay whose characteristics which have made it so famous which here emerge very clearly. Starting from the richness of its deep clear golden but transparent colour one imagines the pleasing contrast of creaminess and crispness in the taste. It is indeed a soft white wine underlaid by a refreshing acid vein which accompanies each mouthful. A slight mineral suggestion combines harmoniously with the flavour of ripe yellow peaches, acacia honey and marzipan and with some peaty, cereal and toasted aromas which precede the powerful balanced finish.



Producer Description

For five centuries and seventeen generations, the Planeta family has been involved in Sicilian agriculture. Their work on the island has contributed to the revitalization of Sicilian winemaking, now one of the most dynamic and sought-after viticultural regions in the world.Planeta's journey begins at Sambuca di Sicilia, on the estate owned by the family since the 1600s. Here on Italy's most enchanting island, three enthusiastic young Sicilians, Alessio, Francesca and Santi Planeta, under the guidance of Diego Planeta, began their winemaking venture in the mid-1980s. Subsequent years were spent matching the extraordinarily diverse Sicilian soils with both indigenous and international varieties. Years of careful research paid off when the Planeta wines were met with immediate critical acclaim upon introduction in the U.S. in the late 1990s.Planeta's six boutique wineries include: Ulmo at Sambuca di Sicilia, Dispensa at Menfi, Dorilli at Vittoria, Buonivini at Noto, Sciara Nuova on Etna at Castiglione di Sicilia, and the newest addition, La Baronia at Capo Milazzo. Each vineyard site is carefully cultivated with grapes that best compliment the local terroir.In 2012, with the goal of furthering its terroir-based approach, Planeta hired French consultants Florent Dumeau and Xavie9r Chone9. Both graduates of the Bordeaux school of enology, Florent and Xavier consider themselves terroir-oriented enologists, a statement that fits perfectly with Planeta's philosophy: expressing the differences of the various terroirs throughout Sicily.All of the company's activities have a single theme; environmental sustainability. Through the use of solar panels and biomass production, principally pruning residues to produce energy, reusing and recycling of all materials used in the production cycle, and the exclusive use of recycled paper for packing and printed materials. Because the land is a collective benefit, Planeta considers it is a duty to make every effort in preserving it. Planeta is a producer of wine, the heritage of seventeen generations. An extensive voyage through time but also through Sicily - a true continent of wine - and present in five of its most representative regions: Menfi, Vittoria, Noto, Etna and Capo Milazzo. In each of them Planeta has carried out careful research, ranging from the adaptability of international grape varieties to indigenous vines, including some historic varieties. The production of DOP olive oil, the development of hospitality and cultural ventures have been added to their activities in the field of viticulture; a veritable mosaic of projects devised to enliven `the Sicilian experience'. Ethical means of production and respect for the environment, the countryside and the culture of each area, including sustainable and lasting methods of agriculture, with wineries completely integrated within the landscape are the values which guide the company's activities.




Deep colour, almost opaque.


Aroma of excellent complexity, with wild bush and spicy notes like curry, pepper and ginger, red berries and black fruits mixed with a light cacao touch, the result of a good maturation, along with a slightly stony finish.


On the palate it has a powerful attack, with a lively acidity, firm and well present tannins, wild bush and red berry notes, with an extremely long finish and great concentration.

“Thanks to the characteristics and potential of the vineyards at Quinta do Seixo, it was possible to cut through the strong maturations of this year's harvest. As a result, we produced very balanced and robust wines, with aromatic notes typical of more mature years.” - Luís Sottomayor, head of Sogrape's winemaking


Quinta do Seixo Vintage is a unique expression of this renowned estate, where a combination of soil, slope inclination, sun exposure and reduced amount of available water contribute to the production of intense and complex wines.The 100-year-old vines producing Port create wines full of intensity, character and freshness.



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